Food Science Zone evaluation – BBSRC and the University of Nottingham – March 2013

FoodPicIn March 2013 we ran the Food Science Zone, funded by the BBSRC and University of Nottingham. It was very successful:

  1. The students got into the zone theme, with ‘food’ one of the most popular keywords in both the questions and live chats.
  2. Encouraging widening participation schools to take part worked. The drop out rate was lower than expected and participation from their students was high.
  3. Food scientists were keen to take part – 14 applied for the 5 places.
  4. The scientists who took part all seemed to enjoy the experience and benefit from it.

Read the full evaluation here.

As winner Duncan said to the students in a post on the site after the event“The sheer range of topics was truly inspiring and trying to think of answers under time pressure was exhilarating. Hopefully you guys got something from our answers, I certainly learned a few things along the way.”

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