How to find science vids on YouTube

Following on from my remarks about YouTube in the classroom, I’ve come across ScienceHack, a search engine that helps you find science content on YouTube. All the videos have been submitted and reviewed by people, so you don’t have to wade through rubbish.

I’m not sure if I think teachers would find it useful. All the vids I clicked on were very American (you know, annoying voice-overs). And you can already use TeachersTV, upd8, etc, to get ‘sensible’ science content. Miss Forsythe, last week, was using YouTube for ‘fun’ content that got the student’s attention and piqued their interest, which I think is totally crucial. Here’s a quote I like a lot, “Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either” – Herbert Marshall McLuhan.

Anyway, it won’t hurt to have a look at it, will it? Thanks to downloadsquad for the link.

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  1. sebastjan says:

    free science video lectures online –

  2. SophiaC says:

    Fantastic and thought-provoking lectures from TED. Many on science and technology themes, but also social and ethical issues, culture and allsorts. Probably more suitable for sixth formers.

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