Evaluation Report – Body Zone report

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Download the full report here.

The Body Zone was designed to contribute to the 2014 Physiological Society focus on Understanding Obesity, and help to reach secondary school students, at an age where we’ve all become more aware of our appearance and lifestyle.

The Body Zone in I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here! 10th – 21st November 2014 was successful:

  1. I’m a Scientist November 2014 has been our busiest event so far, and the Body Zone has been one of the busiest zones within the event.
  2. The Body Zone was particularly popular with teachers, it featured a steady influx of ASK questions that lead to more than 1,150 questions asked, of which more than 700 were approved and sent to the scientists.
  3. The students really got into the zone theme. Students asked lots of questions on the function, purpose and statistics of parts of the anatomy. There were also a lot of questions on diet, nutrition, exercise, obesity, childhood develpment, and diabetes.
  4. The scientists were challenged within and beyond their areas of research. All engaged well and were keen to answer questions and take part in the live chats.
  5. The drop out rate for schools was very low in the Body Zone – 14 of the 16 schools given places turned up with their students.

You can read the full report here.

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