I’m a Scientist so far in numbers

How many zones have we run? How many students engaging with how many scientists? Asking how many questions? What year group are they? Where in the UK are they?

The first slide of the I'm a Scientist summary so far...

The first slide of the I’m a Scientist summary so far…

These are some of the questions we get asked a lot, and until now haven’t had all the answers in one place to roll off the tip of our tongues. We’re pulling together some slides summarising I’m a Scientist to date and once they’re done we’ll post them up here.

In the mean time, I’ll be posting snippets that show just how far we’ve come since our first big Wellcome Trust grant in 2010.

To start us off (and to set the scene for the graphs and maps to come in future posts) here are some of the numbers so far, up to February 2014:

Zones: 118

  • 51 general science zones, 67 themed zones
  • Spread across 10 events, in March, June & November each year

Scientists: 590

Students: 36,225

  • % of students that actively took part: 84%
  • Average number of students per zone: 307
  • From 462 schools

Number of questions asked: 86,645

  • Number of questions approved: 38,836
  • Number of answers given: 84,890

Live chats: 1,616

  • Lines of live chat: 528,035

Visits to imascientist.org.uk: 1,592,016

  • Unique visitors: 1,306,978
  • Page views: 4,958,725
  • Average visit duration: 3:02 minutes
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