Demand vs. Capacity: June 2017

We’ve just let down about 8,000 students. Their teachers, 84 of them, wanted to take part in I’m a Scientist this June and we simply don’t have room for them. We need more funding.

Graph showing funded places (colour fill) vs. places requested (outline) for I’m a Scientist

The graph shows the number of class places requested by teachers (box outline), against the funded places we were able to run (colour-fill) for each event. Demand has consistently exceeded places available for the past 9 events; indeed for the past 6 events, we could have run double the number of zones we did.

Double the number of young people seeing that scientists are normal people like themselves.

Double the number of scientists taking part in “the best crash course in science communication”.

The Wellcome Trust and the British Psychological Society are funding zones this June. If you are interested in getting more physicists, chemists, non-biomed scientists involved in outreach, if you think more students should get the opportunity to find out what science and scientists are like then please write to someone with an outreach or widening participation budget and ask them to consider working with us. Get them to have a look at and contact Shane.

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