Fast Computing Zone Report – November 2018

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The Fast Computing Zone was a themed zone supported by the Science & Technology Facilities Council and involved six scientists:

  • Stewart Martin-Haugh is a particle physicist who writes code to ensure the right data from the Large Hadron Collider is recorded
  • Miriam Hogg is a PhD student, using computers to study planets and stars as a theoretical physicist
  • Marton Olbei is also a PhD student and his research uses computers to study bacteria
  • Laura Kent tests electronics to ensure they work in extreme environments as a research scientist at the National Physical Laboratory
  • Kathryn Coldham uses code to analyse data taken from the Large Hadron Collider to research a particle called the top quark
  • David Ho, this zone’s winner, uses computer models to calculate the properties of theoretical particles that have never been seen

Discussions between the students and scientists in this zone mainly focused on how technology, computing and physics could be used to help people or the wider society. The students were also keen to get to know the scientists on a personal level.

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