Imaging Zone Report – March 2019

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The Imaging Zone was a themed zone supported by the Science & Technology Facilities Council. There were six scientists in the zone:

  • Sonal Bhadane, a clinical expert in a company that makes radiation therapy machines and that works with STFC.
  • Zone winner Rosanna Tilbrook is an STFC-funded PhD student at the University of Leicester and is looking for new planets in the Next Generation Transit Survey.
  • Matthew Selwood, who is studying for an STFC-funded PhD making a new camera that can see through walls, detect contraband and see inside nuclear explosions.
  • Marleen Wilde, a medical technical assistant and part time PhD student at the University of Reading who does experiments at STFC facilities.
  • Dan Porter, who works at Diamond Light Source as a beamline scientist.
  • Atreya Acharyya, who uses data from NASA satellites to make predictions for new telescopes funded by STFC in Chile.
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