Livermorium Zone Report – March 2020

Read the report: Livermorium Zone Report – March 2020 [PDF]

The Livermorium Zone was a general science zone funded by STFC. It featured six scientists:

  • Zoya Ali is a Geneticist at RHC, specialising in prenatal and reproductive genetics
  • Tom Scott is a Lecturer who develops low cost nano-materials for cleaning water at low cost and has been funded by STFC.
  • Stacey New, winner of the Livermorium Zone, is a Climate Scientist at the Met Office, a research partner of STFC, working to help people understand climate change and its impacts.
  • Laura Mason is a Forensic Researcher at DTSL, a research partner of STFC. looking at ways to find evidence that can be used in court cases.
  • James Lees is a PhD student investigating how to make a thermometer for use at a scale of just hundreds of atoms.
  • Connor Prior is a PhD student trying to make new compounds which could provide new ways to make medicines.
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