Roentgenium Zone Report – November 2019

Read the report: Roentgenium Zone Report – November 2019 [PDF]

The Roentgenium Zone was a themed zone supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council. It featured six scientists:

  • Varun Ramaswamy, the winner of this Zone, is a PhD student at the Institute of Cancer Research, finding the shapes of different proteins in the body and uses data from sTFC facilities.
  • Samantha Firth is the Communications and Social Media Officer for STFC.
  • Rebecca Shaw is a Research Technician at the University of Aberdeen at the Institute of Medical Sciences.
  • Anna Kalorkoti is a materials scientist exploring how materials change when the world around them changes at a company that uses STFC facilities.
  • Alin Elena works at Daresbury Laboratory as a computational scientist.
  • Adam Washington works at the ISIS Pulsed Neutron and Muon source, building and maintaining instruments for visiting scientists to use.
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