Society Zone Report – November 2019

Read the report: Society Zone Report – November 2019 [PDF]

The Society Zone was a themed zone supported by the British Psychological Society. It featured six psychologists:

  • Phil Agnew runs a podcast called Nudge, which looks at behavioural science and consumer psychology.
  • Liam Wignall is researching how people interact with each other in different settings, with a focus on social media.
  • Kohinoor Darda has recently completed a PhD on the neural mechanisms of how we interact and imitate in the social world, but unfortunately had to drop out at the start of the event.
  • Karolina Urbanska is a research associate currently exploring how funny images or videos can affect our feelings and behaviour.
  • Jack Joyce, the winner of this zone, is a conversation analyst exploring how people use language and what that language can tell us about their culture.
  • Debbie Kinsey is studying for a PhD exploring how museums can help people with dementia to live a good life.
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