Psychology Zone Report – June-July 2021

The Psychology Zone ran for 6 weeks, from 7 June to 16 July 2021. It was funded by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

The Zone featured psychologists from across the UK, working in a variety of fields.

Originally intended to run for 4 weeks, the Zone was extended to give teachers and their students more time to engage with it. This was due to the coronavirus pandemic, which was impacting teaching and learning in schools by causing almost 1 in 4 school students in the UK to be absent.

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19 psychologists created a profile in the Zone. See who took part ❯

The winning psychologist with the most votes from students was John Shaw, lecturer in sleep psychology at De Montfort University.

476 students from 19 schools across the UK logged into the Zone.
71% of active students were from target schools: 61% from underserved schools and 13% from widening participation schools.

Live chats
38 live chats took place during the activity: 32 were school classes booked by teachers and 6 were additional chats, open to all the students.

There were 3 live chats where teachers asked questions on behalf of their students. Therefore, the number of students reached will be higher by about 50.

On average, 4 psychologists attended each live chat.

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