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GM Food GA Vistior Overview

73% of visits came during the week before the event and the 2 weeks of the event.

Nearly 75% of visits were from the UK. Almost 30% of the non-UK traffic was from the US. 135 visits came from Germany (possibly due to Ricarda’s participation). No other country supplied more than 100 visits.

GM Food Visitor Map

More than half (60%) of visitors came just once, but a significant minority made multiple visits. 40% of returning visitors (703) made at least 10 visits to the site.
13,442 page views, an average of 3.4 per visit

Unsurprisingly the home page was the most visited page in the zone. Next was Andy Stirling’s profile:

Views of Profile pages:

The similarity of the figures for the final 3 experts is surprising.

Our first question received the most page views:

Page views are a crude method of determining what interests people about GM Food and further research is required to establish any patterns. The Page View data is available here in case anyone wishes to do this research. Please show your workings and credit the project.

GM Food GA Visitor Flow

3:19 minutes per question

Visitors invested time in the questions. The average time spent on a page for the whole site was 1:40, but when you look at the time spent  on the 5 most popular questions listed above, the average is 3:19. Visitors are taking time to read the question, the answers and the comments.

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