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What Chris Blanford did with his prize money…

Chris was voted the winner of the Biochemistry Zone in March 2016.  Here he reports back on using his £500 prize money to fund science activity equipment  for local schools.

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I leveraged the prize funds towards a set of 50 ‘chocolate impact testers’. These testers are based on a rig developed at the University of Sheffield to help engage students using chocolate to investigate the physical property toughness.

The testers were part of the ‘Wonder Boxes’ put together by our local science museum, the Museum of Science and Industry. The rest of the sponsorship came from the the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers, the University of Manchester’s School of Materials’ OFFA allocation, and Greater Manchester Higher funds. The funds from I’m a Scientist covered about 5 or 6 of the kits.

A chocolate tester in all its glory

Schools in Greater Manchester had to compete to be given the resource box for the academic year. The activities needed to be integrated with the curriculum, used with STEM Ambassadors, in extracurricular activities, as part of engagement with youth groups and parents, or in partnership with other schools, to increase STEM engagement and Science Capital.

All schools offered the kits have at least 20% Free School Meals, and the first 41 invited were the 25% most needy state-funded secondaries in Greater Manchester, identified by STEM Learning based upon such metrics as Attainment (lower achievement of A*-C), higher levels of free school meals, lower level of students progressing into further study of STEM subjects and other factors such as rural, limited employers in area, and poor OFSTED reports.

Me demonstrating how to use the chocolate tester rig with a variety of delicious samples.

Numbers-wise, at least 30 schools received the kits and we’re expecting them to use it at least three times in the first academic year – plus of course any interactions taking place in the exhibition, or under the aegis of the contributing outreach groups using it themselves.

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