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Antibiotics Zone Report – June 2016

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The Antibiotics Zone was funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry, of which Lindsay and Jonny are members, with additional funding from the Biochemical Society Diversity Grant. Danna is a Research Associate who studies how bacteria evolve, Lindsay is a chemist working to improve compounds to better target diseases and Juan researches how our bodies fight off threatening microbes. Jonny is a PhD student working to make medicines in more environmentally friendly ways and Daniela is a PhD student who modifies the DNA of viruses.

All five scientists took an active role in the event, answering a similar number of questions and attending many live chats even after being evicted. Some students from Jonny’s old college – Selby College – took part in the zone and were excited to have the opportunity to talk to him in a live chat.

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Biochemistry Zone Report – March 2016


The Biochemistry Zone was funded by the Biochemical Society, which Harriet was a member of, and the Royal Society of Chemistry. Harriet, Chris, Andy and Jessica were all members of this society. Nikki is a microbiologist and laboratory manager researching new antibiotics, Jess builds machines to help doctors hunt for diseases and Harriet designs new materials to be used to treat cancer. Andy and Chris are both lecturers at universities, Andy working in inorganic chemistry and Chris in biomaterials.

The zone had an above average amount of questions in the ASK section, where students engaged with the scientists’ individual work and research, as well as asking a variety of general science questions. Each scientist answered a very similar amount of questions in ASK.

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