Help us promote IAS

Undoubtedly the best, most convincing advocates for I’m a Scientist are the scientists and teachers who’ve taken part in the event before. We’d like to encourage you to speak about your experience of taking part at every opportunity. That might be a lunchtime lecture on Public Engagement or a Teachmeet event, or wherever teachers and/or scientists gather to talk about science, public engagement and outreach.

To help you talk about us we’ve prepared some promotional packs. They consist of sets of postcards, and a presentation including the 60 second video from the site. You get to keep the snazzy limited edition USB memory stick.

But what’s in it for you? Apart from that warm glow in the heart? We’ll cover your travel expenses obviously (please let us know in advance as we can only cover for local events – cancel that conference in Hawaii).

For teachers we can ensure that you get the classes you want in the zones you want*.

For scientists we can offer a training session for members of your department that get selected for the event. We can also offer specific guidance on one sentence summaries to improve their chance of being selected.

Please get in touch if you’d like to speak on our behalf and to get a promotional pack. Just email

And if we get an opportunity to speak near you, I hope you don’t mind if we drop you an email asking if you’re interested and available.