Trendy IAS mugs are here (photos updated!)


A crateload of very stylish “I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here” mugs just arrived at Gallomanor HQ. Mugs are on the way, as a small thank you present, to scientists, teachers, and friends of IAS. More info (and pictures) after the cut.

In other news, the final evaluation report is nearly finished and will be available soon.

Modelling agencies who want to hire the three talents above, please email …


Scientists and friends of IAS, I carried your mugs to the post office this morning- so watch your postbox (: . Teachers, we have mugs for you too, and we will post those when the autumn term begins in September. Thank you, everybody!

And: Watch this space for the final report, available very soon.

Stop Press: Update

And below is Sam Mugford, posing with his mug!

Sam mug-ford

Welcome to Page 3 of the blog. Super scientist Sam Mugford is from the John Innes Centre, where he’s Inne to oats, and a patho-genius on root-rot pathogens. He’s one brawny botanist who can Take-All us out for tea any day, eh readers?

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