Meet the Team

We are a team of 5 mostly, however we also work with people who aren’t based in the office. Mike Little from Zed1, Gareth Coxon from Dot Design, Steve Halstead at Sharper Print, Sophia Collins from Parenting Science Gang.

Shane McCracken

Shane McCracken


Blame Shane. He started it all and as the director he is ultimately responsible. His early career was in advertising and publishing and marketing is not a dirty word. Email Shane.

Hannah Higson


Hannah joined the team in January 2022 on the I’m a… projects. Having previously taught in a primary school she has joined the team as a Project Wrangler, working closely with teachers.
Email Hannah.

Josie Miller


Josie has a background in event and festivals management, but her favourite bit was always the writing. Now she looks after our communications while drinking roughly 9-10 cups of tea per day. Email Josie.

Emily Paget


While Emily has a background in illustration, her main love was computers, technology and accessibility so joined the team to work on the technical side of the site. Email Emily.

Josh Doyle


Josh joined us in 2013 after a chemistry degree and a stint as a moderator on the projects. He now works remotely helping us with evaluation, systems, data, but never coffee. Email Josh.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can email the specific person above, or use the form below.