International schools still wanted

Over the years we’ve had great support from schools across the world taking part in I’m a Scientist. There is one teacher who has been involved from almost the beginning, taking classes from 3 different school across different time zones, onto the site. I can imagine the event helps english-speaking students at schools across the world keep in touch with the UK through science.

Having science questions from students in Budapest or Singapore makes our events more engaging too. Some of the keenest students have been based abroad.


Our funding from the Wellcome Trust is for only 50% of our costs and is only for schools in the UK. That means we need to give priority to UK schools and this March we are full.

There is a way for overseas schools to take part. If we charge to cover some of the cost for you to take part then we can create extra space.  Costs start at £100 per class but go down if you book more. There is more information on our international schools page.

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