Berkelium Zone Report – June 2018

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The Berkelium Zone was a general science zone supported by Wellcome.

  • Yewande is researching the use of nitric oxide as an anaesthetic and the affect the gas has on brain cells
  • Tim is studying earthquakes and how they behave, the dangers they pose and the opportunities they offer
  • Melanie is a technician in the Biomedical Science department at the University of Sheffield
  • Hayley is a PhD student using mathematics to model WiFi signals
  • Carl is a manager at a chemical plant responsible for the quality and productivity the plant delivers
  • Alex, the winner in this zone, is studying the impact of non-native plants on small rivers and streams

Students in this zone really engaged with the scientists’ work, as well as generally about areas such as space and animals, with nearly half of all questions asked being about science topics.

We also ran an evening chat in every zone for students to access from home and show their families, increasing parental engagement with the activities students are doing in school. The Berkelium Zone evening chat was the busiest out of all the zones, with 27 students logging in from home to chat again with the scientists.


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