Dubnium Zone Report – March 2019

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The Dubnium Zone was a general science zone supported by the Science & Technology Facilities Council. In the zone were six scientists:

  • Tori Blakeman, who informs the public about the science innovation happening at STFC.
  • itus Mutwiri, who teaches at the Kenya Methodist University and does research for the International Livestock Research Institute.
  • Stuart Higgins, the zone winner and whose research group uses Diamond Light Source, is trying to understand how stem cells ‘feel’ and how those cells change.
  • Hannah Dalgleish, who studies star clusters to gain clues about how the galaxy formed and how stars evolve and whose research institute is funded by STFC.
  • Gill Harrison, who teaches obstetrics, abdominal and gynaecology ultrasound.
  • Alessandro Novellino, who works at the British Geological Survey.
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