2018–20 STFC Legacy Award Evaluation Report

STFC Legacy Award
Evaluation Report — Click image to view report [PDF]


  • We ran 24 zones across 5 events between November 2018 and March 2020:
      • 20 IAS zones
      • 4 IAE zones
  • 142 STEM professionals took part:
      • Scientists and engineers showed students a wide range of backgrounds, careers, and routes into STEM.
  • 9,516 students logged in with 91% actively engaging. Students from 169 schools engaged.
      • 67% of participating schools were widening participation or in underserved areas.
  • The activity had a positive impact on students, teachers, and scientists and engineers:
    • Teachers reported that the activity was effective in improving students’ motivations towards STEM, helping students see how STEM relates to the world around them, challenging stereotypes, and developing students’ awareness that STEM qualifications can be useful even if students don’t want to work in science.
    • [A student] took part in the family live chat in the evening. The next day she was so excited and told me she couldn’t believe her luck in getting access to these scientists and getting all her questions answered. She had screen shot all her answers and brought them into class. Her motivation and love of learning was given a great boost. — Teacher, post event survey
    • 75% of scientists and engineers reported an increased enthusiasm towards their own work. 67% reported an increased appreciation of the value of their work.
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