Copernicium Zone Report – March 2020

Read the report: Copernicium Zone Report – March 2020 [PDF]

The Copernicium Zone was a general science zone supported by STFC. It featured six scientists:

  • James Roberts is a mechanical engineer who researches how to build fusion power plants at UKAEA, an STFC partner.
  • Hannah Blyth is an STFC funded PhD student studying plant pathology and looking into how fungi cause disease in wheat leaves.
  • Claire Hobday is a materials chemist who uses STFC facilities in her research on the atomic structure of materials and the effect of pressure on them.
  • Chris Carlton works for STFC managing a panel of experts who assess physics proposals for funding, in areas including nuclear physics and astronomy.
  • Binuraj Menon, the winner of the Copernicium Zone, uses data from STFC facilities in his work on converting microbes to produce new types of molecules.
  • Alice Rhind-Tutt is a PhD student using data from STFC facilities to research how DNA moves, to try and find methods of preventing and curing illnesses including HIV and dementia.
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