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In 2022, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC, directly part-funded 3 I’m a Scientist (IAS) Zones to engage students with chemistry. Members of the RSC participated in a further 4 Zones. This report is a summary of the activity in, and an evaluation of, the impact of those Zones.

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  • Throughout 2022, RSC members participated in 7 out of 12 Zones across the IAS platform, 3 of which were directly part-funded by the RSC
  • 4,550 students logged in, with 77% actively engaging
    • RSC members took part in a total of 123 Chat sessions
    • 83 unique schools took part
    • 69% of participating UK schools were priority schools
  • Students from 66 schools interacted directly with RSC members
  • 46 reported RSC members took part
    • representing a wide range of backgrounds providing students with insight into different careers, fields and routes into chemistry
  • Taking part has a positive impact on participating scientists:
    • 74% of respondents reported an increase in skill in communicating with lay people
    • 77% of scientists felt their enthusiasm for communicating with lay audience increased

I really enjoyed taking part in I’m a Scientist. I had a lot of fun talking to the students and answering their questions. I didn’t quite know what to expect when I signed up, but I would 100% recommend taking part to other scientists.

Hannah Howman, scientists, feedback survey

Read the full report (PDF) ❯

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