What Danica Pinto did with her prize money…

Danica was voted winner of the Molecule Zone in March 2020! Now a chemist at the University of St Andrews, Danica used her prize money to create a unique and innovative project aimed at school students:

“I have created a colouring pages website aimed at school kids in the age group 5 to 7, based on the lives and research of chemists at the University of St Andrews where I currently work. The website contains profiles of the chemists in the colouring pages.

A series of 3 black-and-white outline drawings showing scientists.

For the chemist’s profile pages, I have taken inspiration from the profile pages in the I’m a Scientist website. Each profile page contains information on the life and research and their illustration to show the students that science is for all irrespective of one’s interests and background.

I will be running a pilot with some schools soon and make any changes further down the line if required.”

Visit Danica’s website ❯

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