Connect your company to future STEM professionals

Schools engagement is a fulfilling way for scientists and professionals to give back to the community.

I’m a Scientist provides a high quality, effective, and efficient way for your staff to engage with schools.

  • Develop a culture of outreach and engagement within your staff
  • Introduce school students to new career paths
  • Reach your EDI goals and engage underserved school students
  • Go global with international outreach opportunities

Students need to see people like themselves in well-paid professional roles in order to aspire to them.

In I’m a Scientist, students are introduced to people in a wide range of careers, some of which they may have never encountered before or considered as aligning with their own interests.

I’m a Scientist helps you achieve your EDI goals.

Two-thirds of participating school students are from schools with above average rates of Free School Meal provision and/or more than 30 minutes drive from their nearest university.

The project encourages all to participate and 89% of students in a class are actively engaged in the project; asking questions, entering into conversation, voting for their favourites.

Actively engages 89% of students

I’m a Scientist helps you engage the students that are currently missing out.

The activity is text-based and delivered online.

This means you can provide the same opportunity to all your staff whether they live next-door to a school or in the Scottish Highlands, or even if they are based overseas.

A screenshot of the I'm a Scientist text based live chat, where students are talking to scientists, asking them a variety of questions

Through our international network of projects, including the US, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Kenya, Vietnam and Australia, we can provide opportunities globally.

Supporting your staff to participate is simple. Choose how many spaces you want starting at £300 per person (min. 10).

You’ll be provided with all the promotional materials needed to help you recruit participants. They sign up. We take it from there and report back to you on the engagement taking place.

To find out more about funding or to get an estimate for something more tailored contact or call 01225 667922.