Fund a Zone

Why fund a zone?

Funding will allow us to create extra zones to accommodate those scientists who are able to contribute to the running costs of the event. Sponsorship will guarantee a place for the sponsored scientist.

For your organisation the benefits of sponsorship go beyond the benefits to the scientists involved. Participants in the event are able to describe the work they do for a company or institution, and describe the benefits of working there to the students and fellow scientists.

What does an organisation get?

  • Guaranteed space for nominated scientist
  • Acknowledgement and link on Partners page
  • Listed as a sponsor on zone home page
  • Bespoke evaluation report on general event, zone and scientist
  • Logo placement on event home page
  • Sponsorship credit in press releases
  • Page within zone to provide copy, images and links.


If you’re interested or to discuss bespoke sponsorship packages please email Shane McCracken on or call 01225 326892.