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The I’m a Scientist project has been running since 2010. Over 110,000 students have interacted with more than 1,600 scientists and engineers, helping young people identify with STEM. Work with us to deliver I’m a Scientist as part of your outreach and widening participation activities.

We connect scientists and school students through text-based, student led, live chat and online questions.

Many of our scientists work for UK universities as academics and PhD students. Even more have studied their undergraduate degree at a UK university.

Students can ask these scientists anything, and they do. Actually, in June 2017 28% of the questions asked were about Careers and Education. These topics, and experience at university, are discussed in live chats too.







85% of students in the event have direct interaction with scientists. This compares favourably with active participation during school visits. This is not just for the confident students. It brings out the shy and quiet.

Teachers value the activity for their students:

Students taking part may be the first in their family to think about university A STEM outreach activities that breaks down barriers for students taking part






Why work with us?

Accessible to all schools, regardless of location. Work with schools local to you, nationally, or focus on a particular area

Academics’ time is spent interacting with young people. No time needed to prepare presentations or travel to schools

Students meet multiple scientists, carefully selected with consideration given to gender, ethnicity, qualifications, employer and location

Zone themes are varied, guided by teachers and relevant to the STEM curriculum, with I’m a Scientist and I’m an Engineer available

(For a minimum of 20 classes we can offer a full range of subjects including I’m a Medic, I’m a Linguist, I’m a Lawyer, I’m an Entrepreneur, I’m a Coder, I’m a Preacher, I’m a Writer and I’m a Designer)

Whole classes participate. This engages reluctant STEM learners rather than targeted to, and selective of, individual learners


Connect your academics with your target schools:

Providing I’m a Scientist to schools is a simple and cost-effective way of engaging large numbers of students with STEM. Funding can be provided per class, and any number of classes can take part.

For the 2017/18 academic year the cost is £150 + VAT per class.



Get in touch with shane@mangorol.la (01225 326892) to talk about how I’m a Scientist can help you meet your widening participation aims