We've chosen the scientists!

This has been even harder than choosing the schools. We ended up cutting out bits of paper with everyone’s details on and moving them all around the desk, making up fantasy groups and trying to see if each group had got everything covered. I really wanted to include almost everyone, but we had to say no to some really great people. However, I think the 15 scientists we’ve picked (five for each group of students) will be fantastic – good communicators, enthusiastic, with interesting work to discuss and raising some thought-provoking issues. I would publish the details on here, but I’ve not had confirmation back from everyone yet. But I can tell you that topics covered range from studying climate change to engineering solutions for rectal incontinence. Which is really quite a range, however you look at it. Teacher packs We’re sending the teacher packs out today to participating teachers. … Continue reading

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I'm on holiday!

I’m off on holiday, any minute now. I know, it does seem odd, just a few weeks before the event, but we worked out it was the easiest part of the schedule for me to be off for. A lot of the hard work should be out of the way now. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure everybody knows I’m away, so doesn’t feel ignored if I don’t reply to emails. If it’s urgent contact Shane who’ll be looking after things. But otherwise, I promise I’ll get back to you on my return. Scientists interested in taking part should email me, or register via the scientist page, answering the following questions:- Does your work fall within the Wellcome remit (i.e. Biomedicine)? (We can have other scientists taking part, but the majority of our scientists need to be biomedical) Can you give me a two-sentence summary of what you work … Continue reading

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Another video format question

Thanks to all the teachers who checked what video format their school systems would allow. We found that none of the formats worked consistently in all schools. Cue lots of headscratching here and thinking we weren’t going to be able to have video clips on the site at all. But then Sai Pathmanathan suggested trying Google Video, which she says worked for her on a previous project with schools. If you’re not all too fed up of the music, please could you try watching this 15 second clip on Google Video, on your school system and telling us if it works. Cheers!

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What video will work in schools?

We want to be able to put video clips up on the site, but we need to work out what format works for school systems (embedded links to YouTube are easiest, but many school systems block YouTube, for obvious reasons). We’ve put very short test clips up on this page, if you get a minute it would be fantastic if you could test these on your school system to see which ones work (if any).

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National Science and Engineering Week starts today

Just a reminder to anyone who doesn’t know, National Science and Engineering Week starts today. There’s a searchable online programme here. There’s stuff all over the country, and also some online things, which you might find useful resources. And speaking of useful resources, I love Quirkology.

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What young people think about science

I’ve been looking at research on young people’s attitudes to science. Partly to help me work out how we are going to measure any change caused by taking part in I’m a Scientist, and partly to help me understand what their attitudes are and so inform the materials we put together. One of the most interesting things I’ve found out is that according to this

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We have lift off

Welcome to the blog for I’m a Scientist development. This is here mainly for stakeholders (apols, I will try to keep management-speak down to a minimum) and interested parties to get a little window into how the project is progressing behind the scenes. But it’ll be interesting snippets, rather than a blow-by-blow account, as I’m sure you’ll all be relieved to hear. So far we’ve been developing the design, putting up this site, recruiting advisor teachers, researching the curricula and lots of other bits and pieces. Please feel free to use the comments section to add your two-penn’orth, or contact me with suggestions or for more info.

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