Advance EDI goals: engage schools with I’m a Scientist

I’m a Scientist helps you achieve your EDI goals. Two-thirds of participating school students are from schools with above average rates of Free School Meal provision and/or more than 30 minutes drive from their nearest university.

Our projects help you engage the students that are often missed out in traditional engagement efforts.

  • Reach your EDI goals and engage underserved school students
  • Promote your subject area within schools
  • Offer your members ways to engage with classes around the UK
  • Promote your Awareness Events to teachers
  • Funding places available to suit all budgets

A photo of 2 students looking at a computer with the quote
“I was able to ask questions that are important to me and my interests.”

Our projects are designed to meet subject teachers’ needs by connecting their students with professionals in discussions relevant to both parties.

On a Monday a bioinformatician might be chatting with a science class about genetics, on Tuesday with a Maths class about probability, and on Wednesday to a Computer Science class about databases.

Students see your subject area in unexpected places.

Schools engagement is a fulfilling way for scientists and professionals to give back to the community.

Students need to see people like themselves in well-paid professional roles in order to aspire to them.

I’m a Scientist provides a high quality, effective, and efficient way for your members to engage with schools without all the admin, logistical support and time needed for other engagement activities. 

I’m a Scientist happens online, in moderated, text-based conversations – a platform that is better for all involved.

Actively engages 89% of students
A screenshot of the I'm a Scientist text based live chat, where students are talking to scientists, asking them a variety of questions

A group of students around a table with laptops taking part in in I'm a Scientist

Supporting your members to participate in our projects is simple. Choose how many spaces you want starting at £300 per person, per year (min. 10 over 2 years).

You’ll be provided with all the promotional materials needed to help you recruit participants. They sign up. We take it from there and report back to you on the engagement taking place.

Support packages are available that help you promote awareness events, like Healthcare Week.

Awareness events help encourage members to actively engage with I’m a Scientist and are promoted by us to our database of school teachers, with your members included in event communications. 

To find out more about funding or to get an estimate for something more tailored contact or call 01225 667922.