I’m on holiday!

I’m off on holiday, any minute now. I know, it does seem odd, just a few weeks before the event, but we worked out it was the easiest part of the schedule for me to be off for. A lot of the hard work should be out of the way now.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure everybody knows I’m away, so doesn’t feel ignored if I don’t reply to emails. If it’s urgent contact who’ll be looking after things. But otherwise, I promise I’ll get back to you on my return.

Scientists interested in taking part should email me, or register via the scientist page, answering the following questions:-

  1. Does your work fall within the Wellcome remit (i.e. Biomedicine)? (We can have other scientists taking part, but the majority of our scientists need to be biomedical)
  2. Can you give me a two-sentence summary of what you work on?
  3. Can you tell me (briefly) what you think students will get out of it?

Potential interns should email me their CV and a short covering letter.

Cheers all, have fun while I’m away. In the sun. On the beach.

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