The event is half-way through now! (a short report on how it's going so far)

The event has been going great and we’re all having a lot of fun. We’re amazed at how busy it is, and what great questions and answers we are seeing. The students, the teachers and of course, the scientists are all total stars. Some of my favourite questions so far:-

“Why is Chemistry so boring whereas biology isn’t?”

“With skin care products like anti-aging why is the product to buy so expensive my mums always complaining, does it really work or are we being conned?”

“The ‘SI’ system of units describes the mole as a base unit. However it seems to me that the mole is just a number, like a dozen, or five. Although I do appreciate its usefullness, as a chemist do you think the mole has dimension in the same way as, say, meters or seconds, or is it just a usefull way of counting?”

“i went to ce this movie the other day and it was to do with plants and trees and stuff it’s called “the happening.” can plants really send out chemicals into the air which would make humans want to kill themselves because they view humans as a threat?”

“if labcoats came in different colour what colour would you choose?”

“Is there likely to be a chance of disease and infections after the polymer is inserted as a replacement? And is the body likely to adapt itself to the foreign object effectively? Just like to add that your work seems very interesting & will make bold difference.”

And finally (from a school in Glasgow, to a scientist developing a cure for rectal incontinence)

“is it funny when u see people wae that joby problem”

To his great credit Peter has answered,

“no it’s really serious, especially down wind”

So, as you can see, an enormous range of questions… Feel free to go to, click on the ‘Guest Access’ button, and have a browse!

Some stats about the site, if you’re interested:-

  • 821 registered users so far
  • 1,088 questions asked
  • 3,400 site visits
  • 56,000 page views
  • 16.3 average pages viewed per visit

And best of all, we’ve been hearing some great feedback, “Certainly from a teacher and student perspective the site is absolutely A1! Well done.”

Awww! Cheers for all your help and support everyone!

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