Doors open!

I’m a Scientist is a FREE online science enrichment activity where your students talk to real scientists, learn about How Science Works (HSW) and get inspired.

We are now taking applications for classes to take part in I’m a Scientist June 2009. It should be even better than last year and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Event dates: 15th-26th June 2009
Deadline for applying:
15th May 2009

Spaces are limited, so get in early. Although it won’t be strictly first-come-first served as we want to make sure we have a good spread of schools.

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Teacher Application Form for IAS June 2009
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Year 9 (S2 in Scotland)
Year 10 (S3 in Scotland)
Year 11 (S4 in Scotland)
Year 12 (S5 in Scotland)
Year 13 (S6 in Scotland)

To find out more before applying:-

The event site is here, and you can look back at the March 2009 event, or the pilot last June, and see the kind of questions young people asked and the answers scientists gave. Please note, this doesn’t give you an idea of the energy and usefulness of live chats, which many teachers, students and scientists say are their favourite bit.

Our evaluations of the pilot and the March event are here, where you can find out what students, teachers and scientists said about taking part and what they got out of it.

Teaching materials specially designed for the event are here and you are free to download them and use them as much as you want, whether you take part in the event or not. Most of them work fine as stand-alone activities.

Or feel free to call or email me for a chat about it. I’m really very friendly (once I’ve had my morning cup of tea:-)). (Sophia Collins, the event organiser) or call 01225 869413.

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