Once upon a time in the land of I’m a Scientist

We’ve started using a new toy here at I’m a Scientist. It’s called Storify and is “a way to tell stories using social media”.

Storify allows you to build up a story by gathering media such as tweets, blog posts and photos in one place. You can re-order the content how you like, and add descriptions and commentary to explain what’s going on.

Creating a story of the event will be helpful in a few ways:

Firstly, it will provide commentary during the event, all in one place. Anyone interested in the event, from teachers to scientists and sponsors, can easily get a feel for what I’m a Scientist is about.

Secondly, we’ll have a record of the event to look back on. Whilst we follow what’s being said about I’m a Scientist on sites such as twitter at the time, it’s easy for updates to get lost and forgotten after the event. By creating a record on Storify we can remember the event, keep a note of great questions and answers, and different people’s reactions and opinions.

We’ve embedded our Storify feed on the I’m a Scientist site, so have a read!

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