November 2012 event evaluation report

Nov reportIn November 2012 we ran 3 zones in I’m a Scientist. We used the event to make a few changes to how we ran it. We opened the event only to teachers who had taken part before. We used a new online registration system for teachers and students. And we ran 3 themed zones which tied into what students were being taught at the time – Cancer, Cells & Genes.

This short report looks at how the November event went. Offering the event just to teachers who had taken part before worked well. Using the new online registration system had a few hiccups, but despite the teething problems online registration is the way forward.  Tying the themed zones into what students are learning at the time was a success. As one teacher said “I used it as an extension activity within the course they were already doing which was great. A really good idea to do this”.

Download the report here.

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