Selection of IAS Postcards

IAS Outreach by STEMNet Area

We’ve selected the scientists and schools (all will be revealed next week) and we’ve looked at where they are across the country. We want to work closely with STEMNet contract holders to promote our events to teachers, scientists and engineers, so we’ve calculated how many schools, classes and scientists are in each STEMNet contract area. From that we’ve calculated the estimated number of interactions (or Live Chats as we call them) we expect per area. On average each class has one live chat and each scientist attends seven.

The best news was that there are only 3 areas where there is no activity. We are doing science engagement and enrichment across the country.

But where do we have most activity?

Most classes signed up:

  1. Bristol, Bath and Somerset – 25
  2. Lancashire – 19
  3. Surrey, Central and East Berkshire & West Yorkshire – 18

Special Kudos to Liz Lister in Bristol, Bath and Somerset – over 13% of secondary schools in the area are signed up.

Most scientists:

  1. London North – 6
  2. Bristol, Bath and Somerset – 4
  3. Greater Manchester – 4
  4. Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and West Berkshire – 4
  5. Surrey, Central and East Berkshire – 4

We are very keen to work with all STEMNet Contract Holders to get their STEM Ambassadors taking part in the event and getting schools in their area enjoying the benefits of reaching scientists from across the country and world.

We have a promotional pack that we can send out containing a flyer, video and sets of postcards for both teachers and scientists.

Selection of IAS Postcards

IAS Postcards from the Promotional Pack

Even better, we have a large network of teachers and scientists who may be willing to give a 5 minute presentation at your networking events to discuss how I’m a Scientist helped them enthuse students about science and engineering.

Please contact us if you would like help in getting more STEM Ambassadors and schools involved – or 01225 326892.

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