We’ve published all our zone reports from June

We’ve published all our individual zone reports from the June 2013 event. If you delve further back into the archives, you’ll find them for the zones we ran in March 2013 & November 2012 too. All the reports are tagged (funnily enough) under “Evaluation Reports“.

Each report sums up the activity in that zone. They provide some information for the scientists and teachers in that zone about how much the students and scientists interacted.

How many questions were asked and answered? What were the popular topics asked by students? What examples of great engagement stood out? What did students, scientists & teachers say about taking part? How does the winner plan to spend their £500 on communicating more science?

We email out each report to all the scientists and teachers in that zone. Scientists tell us the reports really help justify their participation to supervisors and colleagues. The detail tells them far more than just receiving a participation certificate in the post. The ‘loads’ of questions they answered turns out to be in the hundreds. The live chats went in a flash thanks to around 300 students bombarding them with questions over the 2 weeks. And the students really did ask about their research – volcanoes, bacteria & cancer for the zone below!

Technetium wordle

Take a look. If you’ve got any comments, such as what other info might be useful for scientists and teachers, we’d love to hear them.

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