Chemistry outreach secure for 3 years

I’m a Scientist is about showing the diversity of science to students and whilst we’ve always been strong with biologists and physicists until 2015 we were a little light on chemists.

RSC_LOGO_SUPPORTED_WEBSo we are especially delighted that the Royal Society of Chemistry have decided to support our project over 3 years through to the end of 2017. We will be running 9 zones across the UK and Ireland using this funding. Part of the arrangement is that we’ll be including RSC members in five of our General Zones to show school students the full breadth of science.

Rio Hutchings, from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Outreach team, says:

We’re really proud to be involved in inspiring scientific discovery in a whole range of ways and I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here is an excellent example. It’s great for both students and for putting science communicators through their paces, so we’re very pleased to be funding events for the next three years.

The next RSC funded zone will be in November 2015; the Spectroscopy Zone. Chemists can sign up at — Apply now, before all the places argon… Sorry.

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