Gravity Zone Report – November 2017

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The Gravity Zone was a themed zone, funded by the Institute of Physics. In this zone, students met five scientists including Scott, a PhD student researching theoretical physics and Ryan, who is studying explosions caused by black holes and neutron stars. Maggie is a researcher at the European Space Agency mapping out dark matter, Hannah is a PhD student studying gravitational waves and black holes and Daniel studies the data from gravitational wave detectors and simulations.

Students in this Zone were very engaged with theme of gravity and space in general, with a mix of both factual and conceptual questions. All of the scientists were great at explaining sometimes quite complicated topics in a way that younger students could understand, especially within the fast paced Live Chats. The topic seemed to really capture the students’ imaginations and the Chats were lively with lots of positive reactions from students about what they had learnt.

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