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Medical Physics Zone Report – March 2017

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The Medical Physics Zone was a themed zone funded by The Institute of Physics and The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine. Sarah is a trainee medical physicist specialising in radiotherapy physics, Mohan is a clinical scientist helping put radioactive drugs inside patients for diagnosis and treatment and Jen is also a clinical scientist who focuses on processing images of patients who have taken radioactive drugs. Dan, the winner of the zone, is a postdoctoral researcher using sound waves to detect diseases like cancer and Christopher is a PhD student looking at how to design more advanced MRI scanners.

Students connected with the topic and discussed some of the issues rising from using the technology needed in medical physics. There were some personal conversations on how medical physics relates to cancer and cancer patients, including members of the students or scientists’ families. Students were also curious about the career path the scientists followed, some of the decision making behind it and the nature of their current professions.

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Medical Physics Zone Reprt – March 2016


The Medical Physics Zone was funded by the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine of which Paul, Mobeen, Jennifer and Greg were members and the Institute of Physics. Mobeen and Jennifer were members. Paul researches new ways of using light to treat skin diseases, Mobeen is working on ways of imaging the brain to pick out age related diseases, Laura is a clinical vascular scientist who studies arteries and veins, Jen is a radiotherapy physicist and Greg is researching new ways to detect cancer.

The zone was quite busy with a higher than average amount of questions approved and answers given, although just 70% of students who logged in were active throughout the event. There was a lot of interest in health and disease, especially in the cancer research focus of the scientists.

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Osmium Zone – November2015


The Osmium Zone was funded by the Institute of Physics. It was a general science zone where some of the scientists taking part had all previously studied physics but were now in roles outside of traditional academia and research that still required the science skills they had learnt. For example, Aaron, who has an undergraduate degree in physics, is a communications officer for the Royal Academy of Engineering, Keith now works for the National Nuclear Laboratory as a diplomat at the British Embassy in Tokyo, and Abbey is a mechanical engineer at Renishaw PLC.

Popular themes with students were the varied careers of the scientists, and different areas of physics, both related to these careers and on broader topics. The live chats were often busy and Natalie did particularly well in them, contributing 1,178 lines in total, the most of any scientist in November’s zones. Both Natalie and Aaron put special efforts in to answering ASK questions, often leaving detailed replies with links to further resources.

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