5 reasons I’m a Scientist is worth your lesson time… even for exam classes.

Project Wrangler Katie was a science teacher before joining the I’m a Scientist team, so has first-hand experience of the intense curriculum pressures teachers face. Here she talks us through how I’m a Scientist benefits your students with 5 reasons why it’s worth allocating lesson time to the activity.

  1. Improves students’ motivation to learn

Teachers often tell me they notice greater lesson engagement and improved learning after taking part in I’m a Scientist. This improved class focus can lead to more efficient learning of curriculum content, as students are more interested in science.

Students’ Science Capital is raised and they begin to see science as ‘something for me’.

  1. Provides real-life context for science learnt in the classroom

As a teacher, I found it frustrating to hear students say what they were learning was pointless or that they’d never use it in their future. Whilst lots of scientific concepts are easy to link to a real-life context, some just don’t seem as relevant to a teenage mind: I’m a Scientist helps students see how science is applied day-to-day, connecting the subject to their lives.

  1. Fosters scientific enquiry

Participating in I’m a Scientist will encourage your students to explore topics that really interest them and celebrate their enquiring nature. Mark uses the activity as an opportunity for students to ask questions they don’t ask in normal lessons:

  1. Develops literacy and oracy

I’m a Scientist helps your students develop skills outside their science lessons.

  1. Links directly to curriculum content

I’m a Scientist features themed and general science zones. In both types of zones you’ll find scientists working in areas linked to the science curriculum.

Participating doesn’t necessarily mean losing curriculum time. Combined with the other benefits of I’m a Scientist, the activity brings value to students of all abilities, across Key Stages 2-5.

Take part with your classes

To help your students develop through I’m a Scientist activities, register your interest at imascientist.org.uk/teachers or contact support@imascientist.org.uk for more information.

Already taken part before? We’ll email you to let you know when booking opens for our next activities. Take a look at the Events Calendar to see what’s coming up.


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