Engaging disengaged students with I’m a Scientist

Some students don’t like science lessons. Maybe they don’t see the point, maybe they don’t think they’re good at science, maybe they used to love science but have been put off by the stress and pressure of exams. Whatever the reason these students don’t engage, here are 3 ways I’m a Scientist can help.

1. Enthuse and engage students

In I’m a Scientist, students lead the conversation and genuinely connect with the scientists taking part. Teachers often tell us how well their class engaged with the activity or how their classroom had a real “buzz”, especially during the live chat session.

A number of teachers have also been surprised by specific students who aren’t usually “into” science.

2. Improve motivation to learn – long term

Taking part helps students see how science is relevant to them; students’ science capital is increased and they begin to see science as ‘something for me’. Having a higher science capital makes it more likely for your students to continue studying science at a higher level. The Science Capital Teaching Approach helps students share personal experiences, and find their value and links to science content.

Teachers often notice greater lesson engagement and improved learning after taking part in I’m a Scientist.

3. Give your quiet students a voice

Perhaps the “disengaged” student isn’t actually disengaged, just shy or spoken over by others in the group. Unlike face-to-face interactions, in I’m a Scientist students voices all have the same “volume”, providing them with a level playing field. The text-based live chats are fast paced but everyone gets their say and quieter students get the chance to shine.

Apply for your students to take part

Trying to engage your students to make the most of science? Help them find their enthusiasm and motivation through I’m a Scientist activities; register your interest at imascientist.org.uk/teachers or contact admin@imascientist.org.uk for more information.

Already registered? Don’t forget to apply for the next event – we email registered teachers when applications open (about 2 months before the event starts).

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