Healthy Cities Zone Report – June 2018

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The Healthy Cities Zone was supported by Wellcome and encouraged students to think about how we could build healthier places for us to live.

  • Urslaan is a data scientist who makes sure databases for roads, railways and other transport are correct
  • Nicola is an environmental geologist, looking at maps and ground investigation information to test the soil for chemicals
  • Helen specialises in designing infrastructures for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Daniel, the winner of the Healthy Cities Zone, is an environmental scientist who measures air pollution within the demolition and construction industries
  • Becky teaches courses in ecology and conservation and researches how people’s actions affect wildlife
  • Andrew is an environmental scientist looking at how we pollute our environment, the impact of this influence and possible solutions

This was the busiest zone in June’s event, with the highest number of students logging in and questions in Ask. We also ran an evening chat in every zone for students to show their families the zone, and 20 students from the Healthy Cities Zone logged in from home to chat again with the scientists.


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