Society Zone Report – June 2018

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The Society Zone was a themed psychology zone, funded by the British Psychological Society, with six psychologists taking part.

  • Stephen is a PhD student looking at the biases that people tell themselves, and how to encourage happiness from rational thoughts
  • Maria is interested in how words are organised and divided into categories in our brains
  • John is a lecturer and forensic psychologist working in a secure hospital to treat mentally unwell offenders
  • Daniel, the winner in this zone, researches why some people believe in conspiracy theories
  • Claire is studying language for her PhD, specifically the way we talk about alcoholism and drinking
  • Amy is a lecturer interested in the differences in how Autistic and Neuro-typical people see the world

This zone was very on topic with students engaging really well with the theme. They could easily relate a lot of the psychologists’ research to their own lives, such as Amy’s work with autism and Stephen’s research into happiness.

This zone had a higher number of sixth form classes than normal, and as these have smaller class sizes the chats and Ask were quieter than expected. In the future, we will be over-filling psychology zones to compensate for having fewer students.


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