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Mental Health Zone Report – June 2017

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The Mental Health Zone was a psychology themed zone funded by the British Psychological Society. Steve is researching how cancer medications affect people to help develop better treatments with less side-effects, Michelle is a postgraduate research student studying the beliefs of people with psychosis and Jermaine, the winner in this zone, is a lecturer of psychology who also researches how working in the public sector can cause mental health problems. Jack is a PhD student studying how sleep disturbances might put people at rise of experiences associated with schizophrenia and Gem works for Cancer Research trying to find the best ways to help people stop smoking.

There were around 16 A Level psychology classes taking part in this zone, so many students had a strong interest and understanding in the subject. This meant many of the live chats were incredibly focussed with informed questions about the psychologists’ research and psychology in general. These smaller A Level class sizes meant that the number of students logged into this zone was lower than the average for this event.

The theme of mental health meant that students often drew upon their own experiences, or those of friends and family, when talking to the psychologists in both ASK and the Live Chats. Michelle also spoke openly about her own experiences with mental health issues, which seemed to aid students’ understanding of the topic and help to diminish negative stigma.

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Relationships Zone Report – June 2017

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The Relationships Zone was a themed psychology zone funded by the British Psychological Society. Sam – the winner in this zone – is studying how the relationships we have with friends and family affect us, Rose researches how reading stories and watching stories on TV can help us understand and interact with people in real life and Maggi is a PhD student studying whether technology influences the relationships children with autism have with other people. Kirsty is studying how teenagers’ social relationships can affect their health and behaviour and Ben is looking at what children think about right or wrong actions.

Around 17 classes in this zone were A Level psychology students, and these smaller class sizes often meant that within Live Chats psychologists were able to spend time writing lengthy answers for students and engaging in really good discussions. The smaller class numbers resulted in a lower than average number of questions asked and students logged in, compared to the other zones in June’s event.

Students in this zone were focussed on the theme of relationships, and psychology in general. Questions were informed and thoughtful, with students asking about the psychologists’ research areas as well as wider discussions about relationships. The psychologists were great at giving detailed answers and looking up things they weren’t sure about to further the discussion, such as in this ASK question, where Rose researches and explains the psychology behind the love triangle in the Twilight books.

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Decision Zone Report – March 2017

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The Decision Zone was a themed psychology zone funded by The British Psychological Society. Wil is a PhD student looking at emotions in language and bilingualism, Mary is a psychology lecturer studying how our senses work together to perceive the world and James, the winner of the zone, is a Strategist and Consumer Psychologist who advises brands how their design can influence consumers’ decision making. Diana is an Emeritus Professor studying how people weigh up evidence to make important decisions and Andy is a lecturer looking at how people can lose control, leading to drunkenness and eating bad foods.

The Decision Zone centred on investigations into psychological research, and also involved three A-Level psychology classes. Some students seemed unsure what psychology was, and the psychologists were all good at explaining their research areas, as well as a more broad definition of psychology, in clear and relatable terms.

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