Enquiry Zone Report – November 2019

Read the report: Enquiry Zone Report – November 2019 [PDF]

The Enquiry Zone was a themed zone supported by the British Psychological Society. It featured five psychologists:

  • Vassilis Sideropoulos is a research technician, whose project idea explores how visual patterns affect our attention.
  • Pizza Chow is a postdoctoral research fellow, and as the winner will develop her project idea, where students will test the problem-solving ability of their pets or local wildlife.
  • Line Caes is a lecturer in Psychology, who wanted to look at how parents can best help their children when they are in pain.
  • Kareena McAloney-Kocaman is a lecturer in Applied Health Psychology, proposing a project exploring whether we can teach people to be more creative.
  • Carolina Brett is a works in Health Psychology, whose project idea explores what makes us happy.
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