Memory Zone Report – November 2018

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The Memory Zone was a themed zone funded by The British Psychological Society and featured six psychologists:

  • Warren Mansell uses a scientific theory of control to make an impact on diverse areas such as mental health, skill learning, coping with dementia and robotics
  • Shanti Shanker is a psychology lecturer at Bournemouth University looking to understand the role of brain structures in memory, attention and forgetting
  • Pizza Chow is a bio-psychologist aiming to better understand how animals think and behave
  • Paul Matusz studies the brain to understand how people of all ages learn new information and how those skills can be enhanced through the use of technology
  • Nadine Mirza is conducting research into why people from different cultures are not getting the necessary help needed for dementia and what to do about it
  • The zone winner, Alex Reid, is a sleep researcher at the University of York, looking at the way sleep influences the brain and the storage of memories

This zone received a higher than average number of questions in ASK compared with other I’m a Scientist zones this November. Most of the students had clearly taken time to read the psychologists’ profiles to ask specific questions about their research area or career history.

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