Mental Health Zone Report – June 2019

Read the report: Mental Health Zone Report – June 2019 [PDF]

The Mental Health Zone was a themed zone supported by The British Psychological Society with six psychologists:

  • Rob Dempsey, the winner of this zone, is researching how our perceptions of our social environment impact our mental and physical health.
  • Olly Clabburn is looking at stress for social workers and ways that it might be reduced.
  • Nicola Johnstone designs research studies to understand how emotions develop as people grow up.
  • Jasmin Moon supports adults whose job is causing a mental health problem or making their mental health worse.
  • Dennis Relojo-Howell runs a mental health blog, website and open access journal to address the stigma around mental health.
  • Caroline Brett is interested in what influences how we rate our wellbeing, whether it be our personal characteristics or our circumstances.
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