Influence Zone Report – June 2019

Read the report: Influence Zone Report – June 2019 [PDF]

The Influence Zone was a themed zone supported by The British Psychological Society and included six psychologists:

  • Laura Fisk is a clinical psychologist at a GP surgery helping people with their mental health problems.
  • Kathryn Atherton uses research on human behaviour to come up with solutions to problems in society.
  • Ian Cookson’s research looks at how we can understand transport choices, particularly cycling, using the social identity approach.
  • Chris Fullwood is studying how people communicate and manage impressions in the online world.
  • Bogdana Huma teaches social psychology, with a focus on social influence and persuasion in real-life sales encounters.
  • Alex Lloyd, the winning psychologist, is trying to answer questions about when and why teenagers take risks.
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