Wellbeing Zone Report – June 2018

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The Wellbeing Zone had five psychologists and was supported by The British Psychological Society.

  • Viren is a social psychologist studying body image, how we feel and think about our bodies, and how we can develop a more positive view
  • Sam, the winner of the Wellbeing Zone, is a PhD student researching self-control and how this can cause people to drink more, or less, alcohol
  • Noel lectures in sport and exercise psychology and is interested in how a person’s thoughts while exercising influences their performance
  • Amy is a biomedical scientist who uses rats to investigate the relationship between happy moods and how often we eat
  • Abby is a health psychologist looking to find the most effective ways to help people quit smoking

A sixth member of the zone unfortunately had to drop out early in the first week due to personal circumstances and will be included in a future zone.

This zone was quieter than other zones in June’s event, due to a higher number of sixth form classes than normal taking part, with small class sizes. We anticipate more sixth form classes will apply for future psychology zones, so will be over-filling these zones to compensate for the smaller student numbers.


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