Psychology Zone Report March 2021

The Psychology Zone ran from 1 to 26 March and was funded by the British psychological society (BPS).

The Zone featured 25 psychologists from a broad range of psychology-related fields. 11 of these reported as being members of the BPS.

Download the Zone Report (pdf) ❯


25 psychologists created profiles. They included:

  • Ellen Smith, psychobiology PhD student at Northumbria University
  • Alex Baxendale, educational neuropsychology PhD student, Bangor University
  • Lisa Orchard, senior psychology lecturer, University of Wolverhampton

The winner of the Zone was Dennis Relojo-Howell, founder of Psychreg digital magazine, psychology YouTuber, and PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. Dennis won £500 to deliver further engagement activities.


896 students from 18 schools across the UK logged into the Zone.

71% of active students were from target schools: 66% from underserved schools and 8% from widening participation schools.

Live chats

46 live chats took place: 39 were school classes booked by teachers, 5 were additional chats, open to all the students in the Zone, and 2 were for prospective A-level students to find out more about studying psychology at A-level.

On average, 5 psychologists attended each chat.

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